Management philosophy and management basic policy

Management philosophy

Management with a focus on customer's investment performance

Under the concept of “pursuing risk management,” we provide individual investors with our unique services with uncompromised convenience and stability, enhance their awareness and offer “new investment styles.”

Management basic policy

  • Through various forms of collaboration with the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s financial companies, including financial instrument intermediation services, we approach the unrivaled group customer base and expand our product and service lineup to aim for development based on group capabilities.
  • Channeling management resources into mainstay stock-related services, the Company offers unique and differentiated competitive services not only in trading services but also in ancillary services (fund settlement, information provision, customer education, etc.) to build a strong brand.
  • We have set up an internal control system, whereby every performance indicator becomes measurable and evaluable in an objective manner, including those that tend to be obscure, such as service and customer satisfaction and compliance. Based on the PDCA cycle in compliance with international standards, we strive for continual operational improvement.
  • With the implementation of intensive employee training and an objective evaluation model, we maximize the effectiveness of human resources in our management while aspiring for small but highly capable organization with high motivation.
  • We maximally systematize sales service, management know-how and other operations traditionally provided by human labor by utilizing advanced IT technological capacity, and develop new network-based businesses unique to an online brokerage business by fully utilizing IT.

Management objectives

Regarding shareholder return, we focus on the “total return ratio” that combines dividends and share buy-backs, while retaining a robust financial base commensurate with the line of business and internal reserves necessary for the future business expansion. For the three-year period from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 through the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018, the Company sets an objective of 100% for the average total return ratio. With regard to the annual dividend combining interim dividend and year-end dividend, we set a “50% payout ratio and 4% DOE” as the minimum objective. Our policy for share buy-backs is to conduct them with flexibility by comprehensively considering the market price of the Company’s share, its liquidity, number of individual shareholders, and other circumstances.